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The PR Corner: "Why A Media Participant Agreement?"

Over the past few years the chapter has been busy trying to establish strong relationships with individuals in the media. Our objective has been to position the chapter as an excellent source for a wide variety of quality, accurate financial information from media savvy members. To this end, there have been a number of success stories especially with members of the printed media. To extend and strengthen the reputation the chapter has built so far, the board has decided to ask every member to read and sign a Media Participation Agreement (MPA).

The MPA contains some dos and don'ts and a few tips on how to work with the media. From a broader and more important perspective, however, the MPA is a reminder that media referrals are a benefit of belonging to the chapter and that being quoted in a medium that is seen or read by thousands (millions?) of people carries a substantial amount of responsibility. First and foremost, you are representing all CFPs, the FPA, FPA/LA and yourself, in that order. This is where the challenge is for the PR committee. With over 480 members, how much will I know about the member I am referring? How will I know the referral is "media savvy" in keeping with the chapter's reputation building objective? How will I know the referral will approach the interview with a "greater good" mentality and not a "me first" frame of mind? In addressing these questions, the board decided that every chapter member eligible for media referrals must agree to certain standards of conduct when talking to the media and a threshold amount of knowledge about how to work with the media.

You can download the MPA or call the chapter administration office at 818-558-3908. You can ask for an MPA to be mailed, faxed or e-mailed. Sign the last page and mail it to the address listed below:

C/O Janine Nichols
PO Box 11376
Burbank, CA 91510

Only members with signed Media Participation Agreements (MPA) on file are eligible to receive media referrals. Exercise a benefit of your FPA membership by sharing your expertise with the public and enhancing the image of the chapter. You'll get back more than you give!
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