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"NexGen - Cryptocurrency: A Speculative Gamble or a Viable Investment?"
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Saturday, May 19, 2018
Program: 10:30 A.M. - Adjourn: 11:30 P.M.
UCLA Extension Gayley Center, Room 114B
1145 Gayley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90024
(818) 558-3908
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Stephanie Bucko, Director of Operations at Finwell, Inc.

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Event Details:
Cryptocurrency: A speculative gamble or a viable investment?
A crash course in the cryptocurrency and ICO market and its evolving relationship to the investment community.

Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $140 billion. Blockchain has investment from major companies including Google, IBM, Walmart, and Goldman Sachs. ICOs raised $5.6 billion in 2017, equivalent to 8% of total venture capital dollar funding last year. The CFTC approved Bitcoin futures. The SEC has started to police cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is now providing the IRS with tax documentation for cryptocurrency investors.

Is this just a speculative trade that will bubble and then fizzle out? Or is there a reason major players across technology, financial, consumer, tax and regulatory industries are increasing involvement?

In our session we will give insight into the cryptocurrency market and what recent regulatory changes have occurred to allow investments in these products to expand. We will define an ICO and explain the differences between investing in cryptocurrency, vs. an ICO. We will also discuss some of the progress that has been made from a regulatory standpoint, which has the potential to make an investment in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain more viable, but also may have unforeseen consequences.

This event has already past. You will no longer be able to RSVPs for this event.


Stephanie Bucko, Director of Operations at Finwell, Inc.

Stephanie Bucko is the Director of Operations at Finwell, Inc. She spent the majority of her career in risk management in the hedge fund industry. While she has been following cryptocurrencies since 2014 when a friend of hers had their Mt Gox account hacked, her interest in the the regulatory developments and financial product expansion recently peaked as major financial players including her prior employer (a $100+ billion hedge fund manager) started getting involved.

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